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Khrihfabu thanchonak ding thil phun 5.

February 9, 2016

Kan khrihfabu cio kan zoh tikah zeidah kan ruah ning cio asi hnga? Nan lung ai lawm maw? Pathian nih teh a lung ai lawm lai ti nan ruat maw? Bible ca nih a chim ning tein a nung mi asi maw?

A cheukhat khrihfabu cu kan i tthen i a cheu cu buainak in kan khat. A cheu cu Pathian ni lawng ah kan i tong. A cheu cu pumh lio ah kan laam i a cheu cu dai tein kan i pum. A cheu cu member tampi kan ngei i a cheu cu tlawm te lawng kan ngei. A cheu khrihfabu cu mino tampi nih choir an sak lio ah a cheu ah cun upa deuh lawng te nih an rak sak ve.

Khrihfabu kip kan zoh tikah, pakhat le pakhat kan i dang cio hna. Kan i danmi hi a ttha lomi cu an si lo. Kan i danmi nih hin Pathian zeitluk in dah a ngan timi tu an langhter deuh. Natein, kan khrihfabu hi Pathian nih a lawmhmi khrihfabu asi maw ti cu ruah peng a hau. Pathian a duh ningin a nungmi asi lawng ah khrihfabu timi sullam cu a ngei lai. Khrihfabu member tam le tam lo, choir sak thiam le thiam lo, mi an laam le laam lomi nih khrihfabu zei asi ti tam tuk a chim lem lo. Cu ti asi ah cun, kan khrihfabu cio hi, Pathian duh ningin a tthangmi khrihfabu asi ko ti kan hngalh khawh lai? Continue Reading…

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Pathian Thiang Thlarau (Kan in Sawm Ko) – Emily Ngun Hlei Sung

January 19, 2016

Khrihfa kan si tak asi ah cun, Thiang Thlarau kan chungah a nung i a um. A kan umpi mi tu hi hngalh kan hau. Kan nunnak ahhin Khrih muisam keng dingah zeidah a kan duh piak ti hi kawl kan hau.

Nifate in, Thiang Thlarau sawm ding kan si kan ti tikah hin, Thiang Thlarau a um lo ruangah kan sawm tinak asi loh. Thiang Thlarau a um ko mi kha, kan thlarau mit a cawt tuk ruangah, kan tep kho lo i kan hmuh khawh lo mi tu kha asi. Thiang Thlarau kan in sawm ti cu, “Pathian na hmaiah toidornak he kan ra ko, kan chungah a herh na ti mi rian rak tuan law, na duh bangin kan ser ko,” tinak asi.

Thiang Thlarau nih cun: Continue Reading…

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Laimi Caah, Nunnak Changreu

New Year, New Mercy

December 31, 2015

Caan tampi cu minung hi kanmah le kanmah kan i hleng tawn. Acaan ahcun kan i hlenmi hmanh kan i thei tawn loh. Hi vawlei nih a chuahpi mi paohpaoh hi cu a ttha lei kap a panh kho lo, a tthing i lak awktlak lo ah ai chung peng ko. Fak deuh in ka ttial ahcun, nunnak hmanh hi a rawp i lak awktlaklo ah ai chuah tawn. Khuasik thla ah kan i hruk tawnmi kan angki leng a ttha ttha hna kha, kumkhat hnu kumkhat cun, kan bizu a tawlei kap ah chiah an si tawn. Motor thar kan i cawk le kan i cawk ka ahcun, a tthing kho ti lo ding ah kan ruah tawn, sihmanhsehlaw kumkhat kumhnih a van rauh cun, a ttawl hmanh kan huam tawn loh. Inn ngeimi zong nih carpat thar tete an van thlen tikah, an tlen tlawmpal ahcun a thianh hlim an huam ngai nain, a seh mi tete a van um pah ahcun, an huam ti loh. Continue Reading…

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Laimi Caah

Christmas Sullam

December 23, 2015

Tukum cu kum dang bang, mitpurh fodawn in kum chiar te ka hmuh pengmi, Rockefeller Center ah a ummi Christmas tree nganpi zoh ding in kai va thawh than. A hmun cu ka va phan i Christmas boruak hoih in buai curh in mi an i chawhkalhnak ah cun kai va kalh chih ve. Christmas tree nganpi hmaiah cun ka dir ko nain ka zohmi nih ka thinlung la loin tutan cu ka pawngkam mipi huham tu nih ka thinlung an ka lak deuh. Christmas tree a zohmi hi lengluang lakah hin, minung pa zeizat caah dah Christmas hi sullam a ngeih hnga? Kei teh ka caah zei sullam dah a ngeih? Nangteh, na caah zei sullam dah a ngeih?

Na nunnak ahhin Christmas voi zeizat dah na hman cang? Zeitindah Christmas na hman/lawmh? Christmas timi biafang na theih ah zei khi dah na lung ah a ra hmasa bik i na mitthlam ah a cuang hmasa bik? Na caah zei bantuk sullam dah a ngeih?
Continue Reading…

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Laimi Caah, Uncategorized

Such a time as this…

October 8, 2015

Out of all the stories of wonderful, godly, and brave women in the Bible, the story of Queen Esther has always stood out to me and has become one of my absolute favorites.

Her humbleness, gentle and quiet spirit and a servant’s heart and love for her Lord is truly remarkable.

Can we take a moment to picture what her life would have been like together?

She was an orphan. Growing up without parents to love on her and discipline her must have not been an easy thing to go through. I am sure she felt she did not fit in when her friends talked about what their parents got them as a birthday gift that year. The little things little girls look for in a father and a mother, she did not get the privilege of experiencing. But who she did have was her uncle Mordecai, who loved and treated her as his own. There is no doubt that God knew what He was doing when He put Mordecai in little Esther’s life. God knew beforehand the role they were going play in one another’s life. And man, did they play it! Continue Reading…

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