Christmas Devotions

Dec 2 – You have found favor with God.

December 1, 2016

Luke 1:26-38; Isaiah 7:14

If Mary could have updated her tweeter status that night, she would have said:
“Has anyone given birth to a child whose name is salvation?”
“Did you guys hear anyone who has a baby while she is a virgin?!”
“I heard an angel talking… is he in town? did that happen to anyone else?”
“Elizabeth is 6th month pregnant if anyone is interested…i didn’t know.”
“I really love Joseph, but oh I love God more!”
“Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word (Luke 1:38)”

Finding favor with someone can be such a sweet thing. I remember my high school math teacher, who was very kind to me. She was a good person in general, but I think I found her favor because I was new to the country, I had a hard time speaking English and also I worked very hard. Students in the class were a bit jealous of me and some were very understanding when I received 5 minutes extra time during exams. Continue Reading…

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Dec 1: The Light Shines in the Darkness.

November 30, 2016

I will be sharing my own short devotions from the 25 Days Christmas Devotional Readings here. I pray that this will make my Christmas more meaningful, and whosoever reading the devotions to experience the joy of Christ. Every year, I just waited for the day of December, but let me store up the Word in my heart until then to fill myself with the Spirit who began the first Christmas. This will help me be committed to read and also to write. Join me!c046db5cd574b125b858a7e68bff9427-0 c046db5cd574b125b858a7e68bff9427-1

John 1:1-18; Galatians 4:4-5; Deuteronomy 18:15-18

Gal. 4:4 But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons.

I have heard of parents who do adoptions. They have to travel far to a different country to discuss the adoption agreement that they may see the child and so that they may bring him/her home. It is amazing what Jesus Christ did for us. He came far; from the pure to the impure, from perfect to the imperfect, from the everlasting to death on the cross. Not just that we may go home with Him, but also that we may see and know our true God (John 1:18). Praise be to Him. Continue Reading…

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Blog, Laimi Caah

What would be our greatest success?

October 26, 2016

Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.” – Westminster Catechism.

I have been reflecting on my ministry and my future, and it makes me wonder what I would call as the greatest achievement in my life. Yeah, I know it is a bit too early to think about life too seriously, but our deep reflection gives life its substance. Coming into ministry as a young student of life, I thought that the things that I would take to my death bed as my achievements would be to start revival in the youth, have great teaching series and being influential to the Chin youth. They sounded really good and they could be great motivations. After awhile, I realized that there is only one thing that is worth taking to my grave. Continue Reading…

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Laimi Caah, Open Letters

Khrihfabu thanchonak ding thil phun 5.

February 9, 2016

Kan khrihfabu cio kan zoh tikah zeidah kan ruah ning cio asi hnga? Nan lung ai lawm maw? Pathian nih teh a lung ai lawm lai ti nan ruat maw? Bible ca nih a chim ning tein a nung mi asi maw?

A cheukhat khrihfabu cu kan i tthen i a cheu cu buainak in kan khat. A cheu cu Pathian ni lawng ah kan i tong. A cheu cu pumh lio ah kan laam i a cheu cu dai tein kan i pum. A cheu cu member tampi kan ngei i a cheu cu tlawm te lawng kan ngei. A cheu khrihfabu cu mino tampi nih choir an sak lio ah a cheu ah cun upa deuh lawng te nih an rak sak ve.

Khrihfabu kip kan zoh tikah, pakhat le pakhat kan i dang cio hna. Kan i danmi hi a ttha lomi cu an si lo. Kan i danmi nih hin Pathian zeitluk in dah a ngan timi tu an langhter deuh. Natein, kan khrihfabu hi Pathian nih a lawmhmi khrihfabu asi maw ti cu ruah peng a hau. Pathian a duh ningin a nungmi asi lawng ah khrihfabu timi sullam cu a ngei lai. Khrihfabu member tam le tam lo, choir sak thiam le thiam lo, mi an laam le laam lomi nih khrihfabu zei asi ti tam tuk a chim lem lo. Cu ti asi ah cun, kan khrihfabu cio hi, Pathian duh ningin a tthangmi khrihfabu asi ko ti kan hngalh khawh lai? Continue Reading…

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Pathian Thiang Thlarau (Kan in Sawm Ko) – Emily Ngun Hlei Sung

January 19, 2016

Khrihfa kan si tak asi ah cun, Thiang Thlarau kan chungah a nung i a um. A kan umpi mi tu hi hngalh kan hau. Kan nunnak ahhin Khrih muisam keng dingah zeidah a kan duh piak ti hi kawl kan hau.

Nifate in, Thiang Thlarau sawm ding kan si kan ti tikah hin, Thiang Thlarau a um lo ruangah kan sawm tinak asi loh. Thiang Thlarau a um ko mi kha, kan thlarau mit a cawt tuk ruangah, kan tep kho lo i kan hmuh khawh lo mi tu kha asi. Thiang Thlarau kan in sawm ti cu, “Pathian na hmaiah toidornak he kan ra ko, kan chungah a herh na ti mi rian rak tuan law, na duh bangin kan ser ko,” tinak asi.

Thiang Thlarau nih cun: Continue Reading…

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