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August 26, 2015

Oh how we love short letters. They are easy to use and it seems like everyone knows the meaning of them. lol.
Na dam maw? Nt?
PT nih thluachuah in pe ko seh! PT a tha. lol, I just want to laugh at those words. Who is PT? A Physical Therapist? A Part-Time job? Oh, you mean “Pathian?” The creator of the universe, the author of our lives and the Lord of lords? What a cool idea to get it down to two letters. You must be a genius! A lazy sinful genius.

The question I want to post here is, “Do we revere God’s name?” Then what is with our usage of God’s name? I received a letter from my cousin back when I was young and he wrote “PT nih in um hna seh!” Young and naïve, I thought that was a cool slang for God’s name. I used it here and there as well, except I didn’t use it much because I never learned to write in Chin.

Yes, we are lazy. But no, that is not the main problem. The real issue here is that we don’t honor God’s name and we don’t know who we are worshiping. We like to talk about Him, but we don’t like to talk about Him in the way He prescribes us. We like the idea of God, but we don’t like to follow the instructions of God.

In the Bible, God has various names, and I am not even talk about all the names here. From Elohim to Jehovah to El-Shaddai to Adonai and many more. Each name of God means different attributes of God and the way He reveals Himself to His people. Wow. That was how He made known to His people. His name said it all! “the Lord of Heaven”, “The Living Being”, who is the God of righteousness and holiness and love, and it goes on. His name was the victory for His people. God has so many names because our human words cannot describe Him enough. And those names of He speaks of Himself, we are to honor them.

God is “I am who I am”, and it is a tetragram word in Hebrew. It is written with a 4-letter word “YHWH.” When you pronounce it, you have to pronounce it “Adonai” because it is such a sacred name that you are not even allowed to say out and say “Yahweh.” Understand this, God’s name is such a holy name that no one was supposed to say it in whichever way they want. Why do you think the third commandment of the Ten Commandments come in? Exodus 20:7 You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

Why are we so in love with comfortableness …. and we cannot even write the full “Pathian”? If you write to me a text, would you say “VLC”? If we have time to address people as “saya van” “gloria pa” and sungku nu”, then why is Pathian, “pt”? Oh is it because those people read your emails/texts and God doesn’t read it?

It is not only in the written form, but in the verbal form that we address God in the wrong way. I especially see that with young people joke about the Holy Spirit or imitate pastors and evangelists. “Pathian nih an dam ter te ko lai cuh!” or “Jesuh vai sawm ca” or “Thiang Thlarau a khat tuk cang khih, zoh hmanh uh khi nu khih” “tu hrawng cu Bawipa cu a tha ko kan ti lai maw?” – I can go on and on. We are all guilty of this in some way or another. How many times do we say “Bawipa nih thluachuah in pe ko seh” without really meaning it? And we just say that because it is such a thing to say in a “Christian” culture. Of course everyone says that phrase and we must too, right? And… that’s how we all become hypocrites.

It all comes down to this, “Are we honoring and loving God’s name?” The name above all names. We sing “Min sung Jesuh” and yet does it show in our writings and words? We respond to people when they say our names, right? Even someone with a horrible name still turn his shoulder to respond to his name.
How sad would the Holy Spirit be when we misuse His name? Just think it for a minute!

When I was a young boy. I misused my Father’s name for a joking way. His nickname was “A luai” and I used it to say “A loo” for potato during one family dinner. I could see Him being furious and upset. The very son that he loves and cherishes would use his name for a joke. Yes, I traded my loving father’s love for a bowl of joke.

I don’t think God is upset with our people for not using His name enough. The Spirit of God is more upset with the way we profane His name in our churches.

Have you come to the conclusion that we are sinning by using God’s name in vain?? Here are some tips to avoid it:

  1. If you were to use God’s name, think about this scenario. If you were to say “God bless you” to your friend during the church service, an ISIS person will shoot you, then would you say it? — meaning, will you die for using the name of God? Are you all in to bless that person in God’s name? Are you that serious about using God’s name at that moment. If your conscious is not clear, then don’t use the name of God.
  2. Think about this one as well. Since God hears all our words, will you be able to tell him that you use His name in great reverence at that very moment? The name that angels worship and the mountains tremble and the demons flee – does it make you tremble and worship when you use His name? Do you believe your heart that using His name at that moment will bring the power of sin to be broken and the devil to remind of his defeat? If no, just don’t use it.
  3. The best way to avoid is by asking the Holy Spirit that our very being will be honoring God’s name at all time. It is His will that we have the fear of the Lord, and He can enable to do so. If we were to use it without seriousness, He will help us realize that and to repent for our sins. The Holy Spirit can help us being mindful of the way we use His name and the way others use it.

Let me say this again.

The name of our God is the name that defeated the enemies.

The name of our God is the name that healed the nation.

The name of our God is the name that the apostles were killed for in the book of Acts.

The name of our God is the name that reveals who He was/ is / will be.

Let’s stop sinning in our ignorance.
And I believe that if we were to really read our Bible and understand who God is, we won’t utter a word of His name without true worship to Him.

Let not the name of God be just a word for greeting or social word, or a goodbye blessing word.

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