the patterns of a sin.

February 25, 2015

Even as a Christ-loving follower, we are tempted and prone to fall into sins. That is a reality. Sins come in various forms but they surely do in particular patterns.
Whether we notice it or not, there are always some patterns for the particular sin. Sins do not come out of nowhere. Sins that we face come from previous experiences, even if there is no prior experience, it still is not uncommon to man (1 Corin 10:13). 

When we think of our sins, we usually come up with the bigger ones or perhaps the most recent ones. It becomes a real problem when we do not see a sin as a sin or the sin has been a part of our lives for so long that we do not know how to let go. And whenever the denouncing/confessing of the sins, the particular sin consumes our hearts and minds as if if that sin is gone, we will be righteous. It can get to that degree where one is convinced that if he/she can get out of that particular sin, he/she will be free from all sins (that is not a true statement- it is just to point out that the particular sin is so huge and blind the person from seeing other sins. We will not be free from all sins until Christ returns, and we will be accounted for the sins we commit.)
One may look forward to fight the sin when the temptation comes, but one must also ask the question where that temptation comes into existence. We are not fighting some non-existent, mythical beings here – we are fighting the lies that we have been fed by the father of lies. There has to be the methods/patterns that those lies arrive to us. It takes works and it takes serious faith in God. If there is anyone who says that it is easy to fight sins, that person may not have fight real sins in his/her life before. If it was that easy, Christ would have never had to come to earth to die on the Cross. If it was that easy, the authors of the Bible would not have warned about fighting sins as in Ephesians 6:12, James 5:16, Hebrews 3:12, etc after Jesus Christ’s ascension. If it was that easy, there would not be a judgement for the wrongs that we do when we face Christ.

We do not commit sins out of thin air, so we must ask the question, “How do I get tempted for this sin / how did I get here?”
The patterns of the devil need to be broken into pieces. The non-sinful mundane parts of our lives can result in sinful devouring monsters of our lives. We maybe in the pattern for so long already that we do not know how not to be a part for the pattern or how to build a new pattern for a new life found in Christ.

Sins have been defeated through our faith in Christ (amen). Then, we should go a little further to defeat the patterns of those sins as well. It be the thoughts, actions, memories, or emotions. They might not be so close to the sin itself, but far from it, but still they form the sin. Just like the rivers and the lakes form the ocean – the pattern may start as a little stream with beautiful trees beside, a nice pond with animals playing or a nice lake with huge rocks. It does not matter because it still goes to the inescapable ocean.
The track needs to be blocked. The way needs to be destroyed. The flow needs to be changed. This maybe the seriousness to fight sins as Jesus talks about in Matt 5:19.

It may not be the moment of the temptation itself that needs the fight – it must also be with the things we give to our heart the habits we make with our bodies. I thought it for myself about some of the everything that I do, even using my iPhone, sleeping late, studying excessively, watching some sort of entertainment, using the computer, reading news (of all sort), texting/talking to people, forming of ideas/thoughts, going to a gym, or driving a car. What was it that I do without these things? Are they making me closer to God or keeping me going to back to the patterns of sins? If one sin must start, where could the root be? What was it that I think of? What was it that I saw? What was that it caused me to feel what? — What is the pattern here?

All things given, we are free from sinning. We do not need to sin. Sin is not our lord anymore. The light has broken into the darkness of this world, and we are the receivers of the grace upon grace. The thing with sin is, it makes us blind to see the light more. It steals our joy from being in the light and to share that light with others. It steals the glory that we share with our Lord.

There is only one Lord and He is Jesus Christ. We are just fighting the battle that has been won for us. What a freedom and honor to fight this battle!

Funny thing about ocean. We can think of it this way. If God’s grace is an ocean, all the sin we commit in our life times are just as small as a grain of sand compare to it. So let us keep swimming into his endless grace.
There is nowhere that we can escape from God’s love. Yes, that is why we shall break the patterns of this world as Romans 12:1-2 commands.

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