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The new is better than the old.

September 27, 2014

Please let us stop to use John 2:1-12 as a debate to see whether Christians should drink wine/alcohol or not because it will mean that we are taking it out of the context. We will lose the actual emphasis of what the Word is revealing for us. The ceremonial usages of wine was different then and we cannot use this verse in our own context where most of drinkings lead us to sins and debauchery. Rather, we need to think “will my actions glorify God?” (1 Cor. 10:31)

vv. 1-4 Jesus calling his mother as ‘woman’ does not equal to him being rude. He is asking question and answering her ‘my time has not come yet’ does not mean Jesus will not do what he was asked to do. He is simply stating the facts.
vv. 5-6 Regardless of the situations, Mary had faith in Jesus. She commands the servants to do whatever Jesus asks them to do. Faith requires obedience. Faith is not merely hoping that God would perform something, but faith is actively obeying God and willing to participate in the works that he performing. Faith without obedience will not bear fruits in our lives, just as faith without work is dead. It is ironic to find that the jars that were used for ceremonial washing – which means to make use for cleansing of the people.vv. 7-10 Jesus commands, the servants obey. Although the mast of the banquet did not know where the wine came from, he knew it was better than the ones they were drinking earlier. This is the first recorded miraculous sign of Jesus in the Gospels, and he did not do it just for the sake of pleasing his mother and the wedding guests. This has significant meaning because surely when we have our feasts in heaven (Rev. 19), the ceremony will be much greater and much better. When our Lord Jesus comes back for his church, the bride, the ceremony will be more glorious and fulfilling. Just as the new wine will replace the old wine, our old selves will be gone and our new glorious bodies will appear (Phil 3:21).
v. 11 John uses ‘sign’ instead of miracles for what Jesus performs because ‘signs’ have hidden meaning than what appears from the outside.

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