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Can anything good come from Nazareth?

September 27, 2014

John 1:35-51

– When the first disciples join, we see words ‘come and see’ twice, and it means something in our lives. As we go to Jesus and taste His goodness for ourselves, we will want to bring others to Him as well. Honestly, it is hard to convince someone to believe God in this skeptic world if you, yourself, have not fully tasted and seen Him.
– Nathanael was very doubtful about Jesus at first (and he has the right to do so), but after hearing Jesus, he believed. Instead of looking someone for their outer appearances and where they came from, we should learn not to judge and see what they can offer. For us to go to Jesus, we cannot be prideful, but humble.
-“Under the fig tree” is usually used as an idiom for someone meditating on the law and we can see that Nathanael was someone who was devoted to Jewish law and he expected a messiah to save them. One cool thing about that is that Philip introduced Jesus to Nathanael as “We have found the one Moses wrote about in the Law, and about whom the prophets also wrote.” And that is very wise because Philip knew who Nathanael was looking for, and this opened up an opportunity for Nathanael to Jesus.
The application of this is that, we need to use wisdom when we are sharing the Gospel ( not saying you need to be smart and wise). Philip knew how to meet Nathanael where he needed to be met. A lot of times when we talked to Jesus Christ to others, we come off as if we are judging (especially to Chins because we all think we know Jesus enough already). I pray that the Holy Spirit helps us to have wisdom in sharing the Gospel with our loved ones.
– John 1:51 talks about the ladder which showed up in Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28:12 (Jacob saw a ladder which reached from earth to heaven, the angels going up). Jesus was telling Nathanael that He was the ultimate ladder to connect people to God. Again, Jesus was speaking to Nathanael in the terms that he could understand since he was a true Israelite who studied the Old Testament.

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