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#Sunparnakcaah le a Suallam.

June 6, 2014

Tu chan ahcun social media hi a phun phun in an um (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram) le kan nunnak ah hrelh khawh lo mi thil ah an cang. Rian I lim a kan bawmtu le hawi karlak ah I pehtleihnak a sertu an si bantukin nunzia thar a kan cawnpiak. Kan ngeih mi thil le kan muisam kan taar ah taar chin lengmang ding duhnak kan ngei deuh deuh. Rawl kan ei mi, thil puan kan I hruk mi, le thil kan tuah mi rumro kong kan ruat. A phichuak cu kan si ning lo piin kan I langhter.

A hlei in Laimi kan caah hin ttih a nung ngai mi nunzia a si. Social media sinah a ra mi cu thil a ngei cia mi nih tamdeuh ngeih kan duh, a ngei deuh lo mi nih a ngei mi tluk in ngeih kan duh ve. Dawi cawk lo mi thil hi a dawi kan I zuam. A banabia ah, nu pakhat nih zaal thar aa cawk mi kha Instagram ah a taar le a hawinu nih a hmuh ah ngeih duhnak lungthin kha a lung ah a chuak ve. Hi vialte hi social media a hman zia kan thiam lo ruangah a chuak mi an si nain a hman zia thiam usih law kanmah ca lawng si lo in kan hawile le, kan miphun caah thil ttha a chuah ter tu a si hnga.
Cu ruangah amah social media tthiam tthiam hmang in thil ttha lei ah panh I zuam usih. #sunparnakcaah timi hashtag hmannak in kei cu ka social media hi Pathian caah le Amah sunparnak caah hman ka zuam ti in biakamnak I pe hna usih. A tuah ning cu hi ti hin a si lai:

1. Baibal bia kan I thimmi taar ding.
2. A sin ah #sunparnakcaah timi hashtag ttial chih ding.
3. Hi ca na rel hnu thlathum tiang a tanglei bik ah hi hi copy le paste ding:
“Ka social media hi Pathian caah hman kaa tim. #sunparnakcaah timi hmang in rak ka telhpi ve!”
4. Mi neng lo dingin zerh khat awi hnih hrawng lawng in hman ding.
5. Mi nih a ning hal ah cun chim ve nha law, rak kan telpi ve nha seh.
Things to consider:
1. Please do not post bible verses with your selfies. nang mah mui nak khan Pathian bia a zi-ci deuh.
2. Remember that it is not your sunparnak, but God’s.
3. If you write this to receive people’s praise, you will get it from people (for sure), but not from God (Matt 6:5)
4. If you post this and yet, still going to use social media for your other selfish purposes, don’t join this band wagon!
5. You won’t be perfect doing this, but it is okay. God can help you. Stay humble.
6. Deleting your social media is always the better option. Maybe just have 1 or 2 of them (since most of you cannot live your lives without it anyways).
7. Boasting about your #sunparnakcaah statuses and pictures will only make you a hypocrite.
8. Learning how to do everything for God’s glory is the goal.
9. You are not alone in this.
10. You may seem to be alone in this.
11. Limit your time of using social media — the researchers found that people who are more anxious and socially insecure are more likely to use the social networking site.

13. Zei paoh Pathian #Sunparnakcaah. 1 Korin 10:31 A si ko, sihmanhsehlaw zei nan tuah hmanh ah, nan ei ah siseh, nan din ah siseh, nan tuahmi cu a dihlak in Pathian thangtthatnak caah siter ko u.
Thanks for reading, and spread the word!
Remember this is not about just posting two things with the hashtag, but this is a pledge to changing the way we use social media with an awareness that there is a spiritual war within this pop culture.
Worship is a lifestyle.
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