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being susceptible.

October 16, 2013

we have a choice in being susceptible to things since we are always susceptible to one thing or another.

merriam webster dictionary defines the word ‘susceptible’ in these ways –

1. capable of submitting to an action, process, or operation.
2. open, subject, or unresistant to some stimulus, influence, or agency.

i think we can all agree that we are prone to be influenced by a lot of things. the thought that crossed my mind was that if i am so easily influenced by sins, then why can’t i try to be more influenced by the spirit? like can i do anything about it?

if we know that we are so susceptible to the sins of this world, then why don’t we position ourselves so that we may be susceptible more to the Spirit of God?

not just running away or avoiding sins that are coming, but placing ourselves where we could prone to sin less, where we could see God’s glory more.

one example i could think for myself and the guys — if going to the gym and seeing the girls working out make you sin, then go to the gym when there are less girls. unless you are enjoying that and you don’t want to fight the temptation of lust. what is pretty simple is that we would rather put ourselves in that place first to be vulnerable than to avoid it all at any cost. more so, change your jam to something that would make you think about God (like a sermon or christian hip-hop or something) even if you would go there at the time when there are less girls…

i think i am making my point here. i don’t think that avoiding from being susceptible to sin is enough, but we gotta outrun the devil an extra mile with God’s holiness influencing us.

lately what i have been thinking is that – after watching some of the movies or tv shows (even the ones that i was comfortable before), my soul doesn’t do well. like i will be tempted of the world more than before. whether we notice it or not our soul is so prone to wander away from God and the devil loves that. reeling us in day to day.. little by little… well then, the right decision for me is to stop watching any of those and maybe substitute them with reading books or rather change my way of recreational activities. so we may stop watching those drama shows, that make us falling more in love with the world. we may stop reading those buzzfeed/reddit/imgur lists of things that are usually useless for our eternal soul (or anyone’s soul, for that matter). we may stop talking those specific people who would draw us further from God (until you have the power to go back in)… and then i don’t know, pray for the world? ask a co-worker about how he is doing with his life? maybe think about the Cross and refresh your memories of salvation? maybe preach to yourself about God [or listen to ask pastor john app]? maybe just sit quietly for 5 minutes and be subjected to the Spirit whispering in your ears that you are alive for the greatest purpose that one could ever imagine on this earth. wow. endless sanctification that God could be doing.

the way i see is this… we are living in a fallen world and we are all infected with a virus through our first father, Adam, and it got a lot of imprints in our DNA. Jesus has come to save us and by encoding the new DNA and transforming our lives through the Holy Spirit inside out. like a sick person, if we are eating and consuming non-nourishing things for our body, well, we will never be healed and we will not become how we were meant to be. if we are eating vitamins and antioxidants that will help our body to recover, then yea, it will get better [everyday] and finish the race strong.
the funny thing is that we don’t know how sick we are. the devil created the thermometers that even when your body temperature is 103F, it still tells you that you are normal like a 96F.
stop listening to those lies. stay away from those lies. stop using those thermometers (standards).
get out of that chair. get out of that computer. get out of that tv show. get out of that bar. get out of that room. get out of that environment. get out of [insert your designated sinning area here]!
[side note: there is a new finding that mice that cocaine use can make healthy/resistant mice to be more susceptible mice to HIV. pretty good article.]

let us stop sniffing that cocaine of sins that would draw us closer to death each minute by the mechanism of making us unresistant to the devil. let us plant ourselves in places where we can hear God talking to us. let us utilize our time more at where we can see God’s heart for the nations. let us exercise our freedom in Christ well, so that we maybe more free and also set others free! let us be wise in knowing what to read/watch/make so that we maybe most vulnerable to the Spirit dwelling in us — so that we maybe alive everyday, letting God do His good work in us.

let us be more susceptible to the Spirit than to sins.

James 4:7-8 submit yourselves, then, to God. resist the devil, and he will flee from you. come near to God and He will come near to you.

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