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no day is just another day.

August 12, 2013

waken up by the sound of my stomach, i got up to realize that it is only 7:24AM and i needed more of my beauty sleep. but thinking about how hectic today is going to be, i can’t sleep anymore. i look the two little brothers who are laying on the living room floor next to me. they have covered their head to toes with the small blankets and still sleeping safe and sound. the apartment is getting really cold, so i turned the window A/C to low and made my way into the kitchen, where there was no one. in about an hour, the host family’s kids are going to get up and make crazy noises of sword-fighting and superman-flying.

the kitchen still got that smell of fresh cooked (oily) pork. oh wait, yea… it was like only 5 hours ago that the meal was being cooked. the pot is so huge it covers all the four burners of the gas stove. this meal is planned to feed ~90 people who are coming to the Chicago Chin Baptist Church’s Youth Sunday. Half of the church is out of town for another conference in Wheaton, so there might not be that many people in the church.

i was thinking about going to the New Comm Church in Logan Square, just as i always do before going to the Chin church, but this might be a sacrifice that i will have to make. i am going to participate in sing-song service after the real service in a skit based on “skit guys – chisel” youtube video, and also word of encouragement (it will be on what it means to have biblical character) . i have been brushing up my Burmese for this skit.

these days actually remind of a few things about the Ethiopia summer missions that i went two years ago. like performing skits, it was like one of the things we did every single day. i actually had the time to talk to the youth about the ideas on the skit and how we should go about it, and they seemed to enjoy their time together reflecting on their lives. we have been practicing this since Friday, and it is getting somewhere there, i think.

another thing that reminds me of missions is that i still have a hard time speaking in Chin or Burmese, and they can’t communicate with me well in English either. the language barrier, indeed. i am still learning how to write / speak in these languages although i grew up with it. throughout college years, the language fluency died a little by little. i am kinda nowhere in terms of languages.
one more common thing with the missions is that i have been getting bites some on my arms and legs. those are really compared to those over 300 flea bites in Ethiopia, but the new bumps still are itchy and big.
i have also been fed so much lately by the brother’s place that i am staying here. and the thing is my stomach can hardly handle these real Chin foods. yea.. weak stomach. it makes sense why i was awaken by the sound of my stomach this morning.

these three days, sleeping over at the host’s place in chicago, i hardly had the time to myself, and which means less time of praying time alone. satan has been snaring at me to see if could fall short through his temptations. but my heavenly Father has been gracious to give me the will and power to overcome so far.

i kept asking myself why this weekend is this important that i have been sleep-deprived and not even have enough time to myself. it just seems like it is just another Sunday. but this Sunday is a glorious Sunday that God created with His own power in mind. this Sunday, one person might come to believe in the Son of God. this Sunday, the precious of blood of Christ will be praised again. this ain’t just another day. no day is just another day. God has His plans when He created it. am i just going to sleep that i may not participate in its fullest?

“so wake up sleeper, lift your head
we were meant for more than this
fight the shadows conquer death
make the most of the time we have left” – we are, Kari Jobe

i know that we gotta practice everything we can for the service and the show. but nothing is stronger than the prayers. so i will choose to pray. i will choose to seek the Almighty so that He may show us His powers and this is greatest way i can love my people, ultimately His people.

ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. for everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. matt 7:7-8

the unfolding of your words gives light! it gives understanding to the simple. i open my mouth and pant, longing for your commands. turn to me and have mercy on me, as you always do to those who love your name. direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me. [psalm 119:130-133]
make Your face shine upon your servant and teach me Your decrees. [psalm 119:135]

praise God everything worked out well. even with my broken Burmese and Chin, i think people understood. i was overwhelmed by the short amount of time that i got and how bored it is to talk when everyone one was singing. lol everyone had fun and wow what a crowd, there never left us! i even had the chance to record our skit after the service, so that the sound can be nice and clean. i will be uploading it soon.
the only complaint from the day is that i now have more bumps and things got more itchy.

i finished everything around midnight and when i was dropping off my two little brothers, they joked with me saying – “hey sayar van (teacher), your flea bites are too little. your missions days are too short. you should stay longer, so that you will get used to the flea bites. we will train you!”

it brought a smile to my heart.

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