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my sister said ‘you don’t love me’.

March 31, 2013

i was babysitting my sister for the morning, and it was about time for me to leave, so i tried to get my sister ready to drop her off at my aunt’s place. my sister just loves staying home so she did anything she could stay home.

she did not want to change her clothes so she started throwing them away or hitting me with them. she held onto things around the house so that i would not take her there. she kicked her shoes away. she refused to put on her jacket. sigh.but i was okay for most of them and patiently told her that we had to do this and that i would pick her up soon, and that i love her.

there, she started screaming ‘you don’t love me’…. over and over again. the first few times, i thought she would just stop, but it kept continuing on for a long period of time. it hurt me to hear those words of lies when i knew i love her and words cannot even express how much i love her. for this little baby to say that just to not get out of the house, man.. that was a low blow. the love that she seeks for is a very different love as an adult, who knows and sees her future/present/past, can provide. i know this won’t be the last time she will say this…. it hurts me even more when i had to discipline her by slightly hitting on her left thigh once. she puzzled and immediately jumped on my chest, and so i carried her and comforted her.

that’s when it hit me. i do that to God all the time! things that i go through and things that i don’t receive, i see them as Him not loving me. for, I, the little human on earth to say that just because not getting what i wanted, i wonder what God feels. for me, it definitely hurts to hear from my sister that i don’t love her and also the fact that i had to hit her so that she maybe more a bit disciplined to listen and obey.

i can’t compare my love for my sister to God’s love towards us. His love is much wiser, deeper and greater. i really have no proof to show her that i DO love her and the proofs that she wants would be candies, chocolate, toys, iphone games, nail polishes and chuck e. cheese.
what’s God’s proof of love for us after creating us? it’s that man on the Cross. the only way to show us love is by Jesus giving up His life. if He didn’t die on that Cross, the humanity would be in big trouble. Jesus was the only Way to communicate to God the Father.

death has no power over Jesus. He is risen. i can never say ‘you don’t love me’ or ‘i can’t give you control over my life’ to the one who gave Himself for me on the Cross. that doesn’t even make sense.

the right response would be …. why have you chosen me, O Lord?
i’m forever grateful for the eternal life i have received through one man’s death — without any of my doing.


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