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nothing is in vain.

August 21, 2012

for these past weeks, one thing i have been realizing is that anything we do for the Lord is never in vain. our prayers and works may not show results in this earth, but yet He still takes them for His glory. He sometimes uses them to encourage us and to keep us moving for His glory. amen.

i kinda need to pray wisely or careful what i wish for. please do not pray such prayers as ‘Lord, break me!’, ‘take all of me!!!!’ or ‘send me and i will go’ unless you are sooooooo sure of it and ready for the consequences (i hope someone prays for them! hehe). just like how our sins have consequences, our prayers also have consequences because God really hears them. i prayed for a church to choose and asking God what i should be praying for. God answered by having a good friend telling me how narrowed minded and judgmental i was. ouch, it still hurts but yet thankful haha. those things are true about me, and now i am joining one of the most diverse church in Chicago… i really never saw that coming in that way. with every prayer, we need to have faith that God hears them (Hebrews 11), and also with the continuing faith that He works for our good (Rom 8:28) and He is powerful. now i have been praying for love, being open-minded, seeing the way God sees, but to have Him as the only judge. yeah… i would have never thought about praying about those sins intensely if God didn’t show me in that way. -still so much to learn.

every Sunday/prayer service, it is such a different perspective when i enter with prayers for God to help me what i need to see that day. every single time when i pray like that, man! the Holy Spirit will be at work like crazy. the pastor and i would be sharing Him so deeply that the Word comes so alive. sometimes you might have even meditated on the same Word hah. like two Fridays ago, i desperately needed to go to a prayer meeting so i joined TRC’s one in the suburbs. my first time, but man… P.Jong did 2 verses on that night and they were the only two i was meditating for the day of. coincidence? it was Matthew 22:37-40 and Psalm 51:11-12. as P.Jong spoke, things just made sense to me. there are so many incidents like this too with either the same Word or just the Word speaking into my hearts so fiercely as i enter the sanctuary with a genuine and desperate prayer.


-i have been praying for a heart to serve/submit my parents with a good heart, and didn’t know how it would happen. a friend called on saturday who rarely calls me like once in 3 months or something. she shared about how she was serving her parents and although she was missing out a lot of things and hard to be thankful, she is still trying to do it joy. what the freakkk.. totally not me. haha. who knew God could answer it that way.

-it is so hard to pray for others when i am focusing all to myself. a friend called on sunday sharing how she has been growing in her faith and what God has been teaching her in life. she has been a part of my online prayer group and i have been pretty hopeless to see how they are going to grow during this summer and wow… talking about God’s right timing. so encouraged by whatever she had to share and even rebuking that i couldn’t patiently for God to work. but no, my prayers and my so called hard works for her and others were never in vain.

-monday, a friend texted ‘there is a revival in Chin-Burmese youth worship service. praise God!’ so random, but so blessing. we have been praying for something like that….. bahh… gotta work/study hard for God’s kingdom.

–another one texted, ‘how are you? don’t be discouraged because God really loves you’.. aite first, i haven’t talked to you for like the whole summer. and NO i am not discour….! or am i?! lol. i replied why she would think i would be feeling like that so she said that she felt like telling me as she prayed, and said again ‘God love you so much’… the third text ‘don’t ever forget that God has chosen you’— bahhh she was a part of my prayer group and i have been praying for her the past two-three years. now God is using her to encourage me so randomly!… cray cray, if you ask me.

in Colossians 4:8, Paul wrote ‘I am sending him to you for the express purpose that you may know about our circumstances and that he may encourage your hearts.‘ — my last QT in the book of Colossians. Now i know what it means for someone to be sent to encourage someone’s hearts.

-even with my non-Christian friends from school that i have been praying for have been encouraging me like no others….and also other friends and random people on the street. it’s way over my head on how God works through things. here i am, moving in with my dr. friend Henry for two weeks to study for mcat. mad blessing to see his works and love. i have not seen him for months because of his busy schedule and mine, God works things out the best for us in this way. i don’t know… this doesn’t seem random to me anymore as i came into a conclusion.

i can go on and on about how things are with me getting blessed by these people. i am not boasting in any of these friends or the number of them. i really am not. i don’t know how blessings come for others, but one thing i am sure of is that our labor in the Lord is never in vain!!!!! maybe we see the results on this life maybe on heaven when God call us ‘good and faithful servants’. but God can use this earthly labor to encourage us when the time of need. our prayers/work will ALWAYS be heeded by the Lord, and so why not give it all? 🙂

i will finish this with my friend Henry’s favorite verse “1 Corinthians 15:58 Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

thank you. thank you. whoever you are, send me what you want me to pray for! let us encourage each other in Christ.

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