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August 16, 2012


i entered into the Caribou scouting to see my regular seats. the whole shop was full. i saw an old man sitting at the corner, and he wasn’t doing much with his cup of coffee and a book. i estimated when these people might be leaving their seats. i looked at people’s emotions, the things that they had on the table, who they were sitting with, their postures, their focus on whatever they were doing, and the physical states, BINGO! this old man probably was the first one to leave. haha…

i sat on a couch and read news while waiting for someone to leave (perhaps that old Asian man). …. . .. . . hmm..

i was wrong. these father and daughter pair in front of him left first. i took myself to the table as fast as i can. the old smiled at me. i bowed and smiled at him admitting my defeat. i did my things and i saw another seat next to me was open and i like the spot because no one can see me or i can’t really see anyone, so i won’t be that distracted. as i moved to the table, the old man started talking to me… he said he was korean so i busted out my korean – hello! thank you! he said i was good.oh yeah.  i told him that i had so many friends from church that are korean…

church, you say? he asked about my denominational.. i said non-denominational. long story short. he started talking about how pastors go get their degree and start boasting about their knowledge instead of God. he said a lot of words like ‘I SCOLDED THEM!’ turned out, he was a Reverend. and now, he got on to the real topic, the book of revelation.

it’s funny. because right now at my house, there is a bible teacher who focus on the book of revelation to bring back burmese people to God. he grew up as a monk for years in Burma, but once he started thinking about his next life, he found out, there is no safe place for him. he knew that when he did one good thing, it was about 100 bad things that he did. he started to become very scared about dying so he avoided a lot of things so that he wouldn’t die not being sure where he would end up afterlife. later… he randomly met a pastor and that pastor shared him about Christ. so the monk started studying about the bible and the book of Revelation intrigued him like no other. without going to any theology school, he studied the bible through the help of the Holy Spirit, and now he is sharing what God had been revealing to him. interesting eh? he is doing the teaching at my house, and that’s why i left to study at the Caribou coffee shop. and look at that! ANOTHER OLD MAN WITH REVELATION! ….

to back up even further, last year about this time, i made a friend at school. he called himself a Christian but never really got himself into reading the bible or anything. so i offered a deal that he would read the bible every time i saw him. i let him choose a book and he chose the book of revelation because he never read it before. i think he finished somewhat of the book. he was definitely scared after reading it… as i was too when i read it. i only read it once too because things are too deep and i can’t seem to understand it. ——- but to continue with the story at Caribou, the old man go on and on about how there are baby Christians who only know about the cross saving them, but they don’t even try to get to know the bible and how God is doing His work right now. especially the books like Isaiah and Revelation are mostly prohibited in the churches because people are just so scared when preached. it is true. it is rarely spoken in churches. the old man, in 90’s, said that he learned about this from his pastor who received things from the Holy Spirit by an ocean while fasting. the old man also fasted for 40 days and such. he almost died from war. God helped him through a lot of things. on and on, 2 hours past. he told me that he wanted to teach me the things that he learned on Revelation (why written, how does it related to the whole bible, the meaning of 666, the horns, trumpets, wars) from the Spirit. like how things are happening on this earth has been predicted in the book of revelation and that we need to be more and more aware that the end is near.

here i am, very confused…. why God why? one at home with the revelation and one at the coffee shop with revelation! coincidence? i don’t think so. i need much wisdom to discern though. i cannot believe what everyone says but of God. God has given us the Spirit to discern good and bad, and being naive about it is not God’s will for any Christians. maybe i will contact the old Reverend after my mcat or something. but wow…. what is up with this? either way, things i am reflecting on:

1. God’s kingdom is more important than any of our jobs and families.
2. like the ten virgins parable in Matthew 25, Jesus wants us to be ready to be His brides. whether the end is tomorrow or years from now, is your heart ready for Jesus’ second coming?
3. yes, God is love and sweet, but that day, it will not be for those who don’t repent.
4. i gotta read the book of revelation again.

Revelation 22:20-21 He who testifies to these things says, “yes I am coming soon.”
Amen. Come Lord Jesus. 
The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.

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  • Reply fei August 21, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    haha wow that’s crazy! but so cool that God’s bombarding you with men of God wanting to talk about the Bible!! you can’t escape it :p

    • Reply dosanaa August 21, 2012 at 5:51 pm

      okwakalakwe!! 😀 true. now i feel like Jonah somewhat. lol

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