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just lips, no heart?

July 10, 2012

the title explains it all. do we do things just with our lips and not from the heart? going along with all my previous posts, that’s still my struggle in relationship with God. i found a real life situation and i just wanted to share about it. i pray that it will make sense to anyone who reads as it was to me.

to get the scenario straight, i will explain what i have been doing this summer. so i didn’t want to get a job during the summer because my family always has something for me to do as long as i’m home. so i decided just to study and help them when they need me. the time has come when my brother had to leave for Indiana because my dad needed someone to help them with their work there. so i have been helping her make sushi in the mornings, then head over a coffee shop/library to study afterwards.

the problem is .. i can’t really wake up early enough to help her. i would stay up late studying or doing whatever, so getting up in the morning like 7am during summer… no way! especially when my mom gets up earlier and brings my sister to my bed, waking up is impossible. my littler sister is so cuddly and so fluffy hehehee… i could sleep next to her anytime/any day. she is so pretty when she is sleeping (and quiet)~ when she gets up, she wants cereal and TV on, such and such… okay back to the story.. so for the past few days, i been getting up late and my mom has been really mad at me. she said things like, ‘you don’t care about me, you don’t love me. i’m working too hard and you would rather sleep. i’m done. don’t even come help me anymore’.. on and on… i do take the blame for all, and some to my sister for sleeping next to me. haha

i know i do love my mom and i do want to help. or do i? if i do love her, i would have come early and be prepared to do whatever it takes, right? i’m questioning my love for my mother then. like Jesus said in Matthew 15:8, “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me”, am i just doing the same on my mom? why can’t i love her the way she wants to be loved? why can’t i push myself a little harder to get up? why can’t i be taking the role of my dad and brother? a lot of questions running in my head. when my mom said that she had given up on me, that shattered me although i knew it was not entirely true. (true story, my mom likes saying these things when she is mad) because she is still the same mom in the evening, who cares for me and wants the best for me.

honestly, all those bad things that she said don’t really motivate me to get up early and want to become a better man. it was mostly her love that helps me. those horrible things really come from one ear and leave from another, but her intentions to show her love would stay, and that becomes my hope. i may not be the best son, but that also doesn’t mean she loves me less. and that love is what moves my heart to let my lips speak again to make another promise.

with God, i feel the same way. it might have been ‘hell’ that i was afraid of and became a Christian. but now is more like… woah, this is how much He loves me, the love that never fails (psalm 136). how could i ever leave Him? ….but as a sinful being, i do leave Him … but woah, He wants to take me back? (luke 15) He gives His own Son on the cross for me?? it is that LOVE that brings me near. not only that, He has also left the Holy Spirit to help us to go near to God (romans 8:26), so that we will not just be honoring God with our lips but also with our hearts! wow… that love. i was thinking about my mom’s love and God’s love, i got a bit emotional this morning. getting up 7am without any alarm was pretty good too.

on a side note about honoring God, having faith in God is a way of our soul to honor God and trust in Him that He deserves all the glory. a theologian Martin Luther wrote this in his very good book, Concerning Christian Liberty, …(one part about faith) “it (faith) honours with the utomost veneration and the highest reputation in HIm who it believes, inasmuch as it holds Him to be truthful and worthy of belief. for there is no honour like that reputation of truth and righteousness with which we honour Him in whom we believe. what higher can we attribute to any one than truth and righteousness and absolute goodness?”

let us honor God not just with our lips, but with our hearts, which give rise to our true faith.

in Him, through Him and for Him (Colossians 1:15-23).

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    in Him, through Him, and for Him. 🙂

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