Birthday letters

birthday letters: dear little sis! (3yo)

November 25, 2011

today is your 3rd birthday!!! you were born at 10:25 p.m, 11/25/2008 exactly 8.1 lbs. you were pretty back then and you still are. i am just so thankful that the Lord has been so gracious to us. you have been pretty healthy except some skin rash problems. mom shaved your hair off during the summer and it was the thing that got me mad the most (it was because you got some heat rash on your head, but never will we do it again!) …. i miss you in your long hair, but your hair has been growing pretty fast. you’re beautiful regardless.

Elizabeth, now that you are three, you can express your emotions verbally, physically and emotionally. you talk a lot these days.. haha a very good entertainer. you must be one the strongest kids i have ever seen, and i am sometimes scared to be around you. you destroyed a lot of things in the house already, and we had to put a lot of things away. when you get mad, you love punching people or attacking them… i really don’t know where you learn that- sorry! i am trying to teach you to share things with others but you still are selfish, kinda like me. all your cousins are boys and you are growing up like them, but i would still say you are stronger than any of them. =]
emotionally, you are just strong as well. you have no fear even when i try to scare you. you would even come closer to me when i act like a monster. what can a big monster brother do when the little cute sister hugs him? it’s not fair! you are so persistent in things that you want. a very strong will like your mother’s, but i don’t really have that in me much. you know, you will great when you can use that for your future in good things 🙂 you don’t even cry that often unless you want to trick us into giving in. you recognize and know things so fast, and are pretty talented in different things already. i’m proud to be your brother. there is also something that i have learned from having you as a sister like how i identify myself.

when i meet someone new, the first thing i want them to know about me is that i have a sister.
when my friends talk to me, they don’t even have to ask about me first as long as they ask of you.
when i have to be somewhere, you are always on my mind.
when you get hurt or injured, that is what i feel too… more so than what you’d actually feel.
when people want to know you more and more, it makes me soooooo happy.
my facebook is all filled with you now, and you are definitely the big part of who i am today.

i am realizing about this more and more in the past year. it is also rebuking because this is not how my relationship with God is, but i am glad He puts you in my life to teach me the lesson. i would not have learned such a thing without you in my life… now i want to have that kinda identity in my mindset for the Kingdom. treating other brothers and sisters as how i would treat you: that’s another thing. i’m working on it – a brother-like characteristic. 

also by observing how my mom treats you, i am experiencing how much she loves us. i couldn’t see it for myself until i saw how she treats and embraces you. there are times when i couldn’t be patient with you, but mom would still talk to you gently so that you can really understand what we are trying to tell you. i let my hands talk to you, but mom lets her heart speaks to you. when she does that, it touches people around you, like our older brother and i. it’s such an amazing thing as a mother’s love, and what it can do to people. i know i say that i love you, but it is not even a glimpse of mom’s love. but you must know that God’s love is much greater than mom’s love, and that it is to show the greater Love that is coming. 

I don’t know when you are going to read this and what we will be going through at the moment. I will try to write you a letter on your birthdays every year. as this being the first one, there is just one thing that i want you to know. as i said, i love you. i love you so much that i could die for you in order for you to live. but it will only prolong your life, it will not save your soul eternally. however, there is a Savior who has loved you and died for you on the Cross so that you may live forever. God came to earth as a human so that He could free us from all our sins. yes Elizabeth, Jesus died on the Cross for you, me and all humanity. He resurrected from the death in three days, so that we can live in Him now. the grace is free and the love never ends. i pray that my love for you will point you to His love.

if you can’t understand this right now, just close your eyes and say, “Lord, help me see.”

your brother.
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 

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