Laimi Caah, Open Letters

Lai Mino Hna Nih Kan Nunremhnak Dingah Cawnpiak Hi Kan Hua Tuk Sual Maw?

August 23, 2017

Mirang Bible ca chungah cun “rebuke, reprove” ti’n Thlarau lei nun cawnpiaknak hi ai tial tawn. Mah biafang cu lai dictionary chung ah cun “mawhchiat” tiah leh asi. Thlarau lei than kan duh ah cun, “Rak ka mawhchiat tuah! Ka tlin lonak hi i hngal ning law, a tlingmi Pathian sinah bawmh hal tuah ning” tiah Pathian sin le thlarau hruaitu sin va kal i chim kan herh. A tling tuk in kan i hmuh ah cun kan sual tawn. A tling loin kan i hmuh lawngah kan than kho.

Khrihfa ka rak si ka ahhin, ka zumhnak a rak der ning le ka ziazaa a tlin lo ning hi ka rak i hmuh. Thil pakhat te ka rak tuah mi cu, ka theihmi Khrihfa hruaitu hna le pastor hna sinah va kal in ka palhnak a um ah cun rak ka cawnpiak ulaw tiah ka ti hna. Aruang cu, ka Bawipa Jesuh bantuk in thianghlim tein nun ka rak duh. Kan sualnak le palhnak i hngalh lo ah cun, Bawipa sinah sual ngaihthiam hal le bawmh hal ding in thlacam ning zong kan thiam kho lo. Keimah ka mit ah a tling tuk in kai hmuh nain, Bible ca he kai tah tikah ka tlin lo ning kai hmuh. Bible ca chung ning in a ka tahtu dingah Thiang Thlarau bawmhnak le Thlarau lei in a upa deuhmi hna ruahnak tampi ka herh. Cu ruangah, cu bantuk mi hna cu hmailei thanchonak ding ah ruahchannak nganpi he ka rak fuh hna.
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Christmas Devotions

Dec 3 – O the unbelieving heart!

December 3, 2016

Luke 1:5-25; Malachi 4:5

I was watching the movie “Ben-Hur” the other night, and it amazed me how much I didn’t know about the world that Israelites lived in. The Jews were oppressed by the Roman government, and the cities were in turmoil. The Romans did whatever pleased them, and the sacred places were destroyed so that the Romans could entertained themselves. The Jews rebelled but none of them could prevail for centuries. Is there hope for the very nation of God to be free again? I think the movie Ben-Hur portrayed the lives of the Jews pretty well although the acting weren’t so great.

What is happening in Luke 1 is Zachariah, the High Priest speaking to the angel while he was in the temple. He and his wife Elizabeth could not have children, and it was considered a curse in the Israelite tradition. A son was promised to Zachariah, but it was different than what is promised to Mary. This son is the one who prepares the hearts of God’s people to be ready for the coming of the Lord. He is not the Lord, but he will greatly used so that people may see the Lord. Continue Reading…

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